Collector Flutes

All collector flutes are made from various exotic types of wood, selected by Grizzly for uniform grain.

Flute specifications: 

Available keys: Regular: A, B, Bb, C, D, E, F, F#, G. Base: (1 1/4 bore) C, B, Bb (1 1/2 bore) A, G.

Dimensions: Mid flutes 24'' long 7/8 bore. Hi Flutes 12'' long with 5/8 Bore. Base flutes are up to 33'' long, 1 1/4 bore and 1 1/2 bore.

Hard Woods: Bubinga, Black walnut,

Soft Woods: Eastern red cedar, western red cedar,

All flutes come with simple wood burning to enhance the look of the flute and a leaflet explaining how to look after your flute, basic playing instructions and explanation about the construction of your particular flute.

See examples below: