Native American style Flutes

Grizzly has been making Native American Style flutes for over 20 years and in this time his flutes are played all around the world by many amateur and professional flute players. Grizzly's flutes are completely hand crafted in the Walkingthunder Workshop in the UK, the wood is hand selected from many fine sources around the world and each flute is individually hand tuned through burning techniques to seal the grain of the wood for long lasting tonality.
One of the wonderful people who have endorsed Grizzly's flutes is Joseph Firecrow from the USA, who unfortunately is not with us today. Joseph Firecrow was one of the most prominent flute players in the Native American world and invited Grizzly to Crow Fair as his guest. Grizzly is also endorsed by Peter Nighteagle, one of the most prominent flute players in the UK who has several of Grizzly's flutes. Grizzly has a range of flutes available in many keys and can be contacted directly for personal custom made flutes.

"I believe That when I play the flute I am lending my breath so that we can here the beautiful voice of the trees. In making the flutes I believe that I am helping to spread their healing voices"

- Grizzly